Has the question,“how can I sell my house quickly?” been keeping you up at night? You’ve come to the right person! You–and hundreds of other Chicagoans are wondering the exact same thing!

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A listing agent is a realtor that assists you in selling your house–also known as a “seller’s agent” and is your advocate and quarterback through the entire marketing and closing process.
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Sell My Home The good news for you? It’s a seller’s market in the real estate world right now (especially right here in the windy city)–so with a few of these tips, your home will be off the market in no time. Work with a great listing agent Can you sell your home on your own? Of course–that’s definitely an option. However, it’s not exactly recommended. A better option is to work with a listing or “seller’s” agent–for too many reasons to count! For starters, your listing agent will have an in-depth knowledge of the market, and will be able to accurately price your home to sell within your ideal timeframe. Marketing and exposure of your home is also a big draw to working with a seller’s agent–only licensed agents and brokers can add your home to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)–which syndicates with other websites like Redfin, Trulia and Zillow. Essentially, if you want potential buyers to see your home–you’ve got to get it on the MLS! Working with a listing agent is also essential for your protection in the transaction. She will verify that any potential buyers are pre-screened, qualified, and will negotiate with the buyer’s agent on not just the final price, but the final terms as well! If you aren’t a real estate agent yourself, no amount of googling can make up for this expertise! Price it right Another perk of working with an agent, she will likely specialize in your neighborhood and will know the market like the back of her hand, and take several factors into consideration before recommending a fair selling price for your home. Pricing your home incorrectly has grave consequences–either not selling your home at all, or selling it for too little! Stage it well Often, sellers will skip this step, but it’s certainly one of the most imperative. If you have a great agent, she should be able to help stage your house for you, or even recommend a professional to do the job. Why is staging so important? Buyers need to be able to envision themselves living there! If you don’t have decent existing furniture in your home, CORT furniture and Brook Furniture Rental are two great places to rent staging furniture. Sprucing up your home’s curb appeal is also imperative–it’s amazing what a little power washing and landscaping can do to add value to your home! (Not sure where to start? That’s okay–your agent has plenty of contacts to take care of it!) Get the word out! If you have a great agent, she’ll put the word out everywhere she can! Working with a listing agent is the only way to get your listing on the MLS–which, in turn, syndicates with other websites like Zillow, Trulia and Redfin. A great agent will also be active on social media, where potential buyers are! Ready to sell your house? (Moreover, ready to stop wondering “how am I going to sell my house?”) Great–get in touch with Debra today! She’s helped hundreds of sellers in the Chicago area for the past 30 years. She’s ranked among the top 1% of Chicago agents, and as a native Chicagoan herself, Debra knows the ins and outs of the cyclical real estate market. Rest assured–in her hands, your home selling process will be a breeze!

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